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Roadmap to success

It's time to grow

Understand how you can expand and scale your reseller and realise your value as a NetSuite partner

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Why NetSuite is the right choice

Discover the top five reasons to become a NetSuite ERP reseller

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Reinventing partner engagement

Welcome to the SuiteLife! Our partner programme offers you all the resources, training and support you need for success

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Tips and Tricks for success

Get insider secrets to building a successful NetSuite partner practice from existing partners

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It's time to expand and scale your reseller business with NetSuite

Accelerating growth can seem complex, particularly the process of evaluating and adding new products and services. Picking one that helps you retain current customers and attract new customers is a challenge.

NetSuite is the simple solution to reignite growth in your business, maximise the efficiency of your team and increase your revenue and profit.


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Five Reasons to Become a NetSuite ERP Reseller

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Meet the needs of customers

As companies start to grow, expand internationally or encounter more complex financial reporting requirements, they require a more robust solution to manage their business. Your ability to accommodate their growth is key to retaining them as a client in the future.

NetSuite provides a scalable solution for sophisticated financial consolidation, automating key accounting processes with realtime visibility across the business.

Clients who are outgrowing their current solution may be relying on manual processes or spreadsheets, turning to standalone point applications or are using an outdated legacy ERP to run their business. They may be experiencing slow month-end close processes, difficulty in accessing the reporting needed to make decisions or an inability to manage new revenue streams. Fast-growth clients often need a more robust solution to add new sales channels, product lines or expand internationally. They will require an integrated system that centralises and automates accounting and supports other key functions.

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Unlock business growth

To grow your business, you need to provide the right solutions and services that keep your current customers happy and attract new customers. In addition, you need the resources to support growth, which can mean adding more people or squeezing more efficiency out of your current personnel.

If your practice supports small accounting applications, your best customers will eventually need additional functionality. A large amount of other business packages, are actually a collection of individual applications for CRM, financials, HR, etc., making them difficult to configure and customise. This complexity requires highly specialised tactical resources, focused on programming and maintenance, taking away from strategic headcount focused on growth.

NetSuite, the world’s leading cloud ERP, unlocks the opportunity for growth by providing functionality across the business on a single cloud platform that scales with your customer’s own growth.

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Develop your own IP

Partners can generate additional revenue source by delivering solutions that address the needs of customers in a specific industry.

With NetSuite, partners can build out new functionalities by individual business need or microvertical industry directly on the NetSuite platform in the cloud, accessing NetSuite’s single data source.

Our partners are driving incremental high margin revenue by creating solutions across a variety of industries such as micro-breweries, solar installers, pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies, oil and gas services, health care management groups, and more.

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Become more profitable

NetSuite can help your practice become more profitable. New partners receive industry-leading 50% revenue share on new licenses and up to 30% on renewals. Other solutions provide modest license revenue share and the trend is toward decreasing margins even further.

Beyond licensing, NetSuite partners find that they can increase their focus on service, another important source of profit.

NetSuite customer onboarding is known for being quick and seamless.

Additionally, NetSuite minimises the need for ongoing support and maintenance that other platforms require. Companies find resources are made available to solve real business issues and work on additional projects with both current and new customers.

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We help you succeed

When you join the NetSuite partner program you’ll start living the SuiteLife—our engagement program that will have you selling and Implementing NetSuite in 90 days. With a comprehensive set of resources, certified training and tools, the SuiteLife program helps you develop the expertise around specific business functions, product areas and industries.

In the first 90 days, we assign you with a team to strategically create a business plan, achieve your first customer win quickly and plot a path to ongoing success.

SuiteLife provides ongoing education to ensure new hires are fully trained, and experienced personnel are up to date on the latest products and features. Your team will receive priority and advanced support to ensure every implementation is a success.

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NetSuite Partner


BrightBridge was founded in 2015 to provide IT consulting and support to small-to-medium-sized UK businesses, many of which were recognising cloud technology as the way to faster IT project deployments with less upfront investment. BrightBridge based its business model on NetSuite from the get-go, which turned out to be a shrewd move. With the cloud solution at the forefront, the IT consultancy has progressively grown annual revenues to £6.2 million (about $7.5 million USD).

Bigger and better deals
BrightBridge attributes its success to having a highly experienced team compared to other startups. The firm uses NetSuite’s brand recognition and continually developing range of global financial management, inventory management, and warehouse solutions to secure bigger, better projects. BrightBridge has doubled its employee count over the past four years while closing increasingly high-profile, complex projects.

Long term Potential
By offering NetSuite ERP, BrightBridge can guarantee industry-leading commissions for years to come. It now works on eight or nine NetSuite projects a year and sets its sights on £20 million–£100 million businesses, each of which have an average project value of up to £200,000.

Added marketing and training capabilities
NetSuite provides BrightBridge with additional marketing and training support. For example, NetSuite co-financed a telemarketing campaign which brought in over a dozen new business opportunities.

"NetSuite brought us new opportunities very quickly, giving us the endorsement to help fuel greater new customer acquisition, deal sizes, and ultimately growth."
— Ian Robertson, Sales & Marketing Director, BrightBridge

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Welcome to the SuiteLife!

Reinventing partner engagement

NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP, has reinvented the partner engagement model with the SuiteLife program. SuiteLife delivers a comprehensive set of resources, certified training and tools that enable NetSuite partners to develop expertise around specific business functions, product areas and industries.

With SuiteLife, NetSuite partners can quickly and easily gain the knowledge and expertise required to help customers succeed, differentiate their practices and expand their business.

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SuiteSuccess Alignment

Reinventing partner engagement

The SuiteLife program gets your team ready to deliver NetSuite in about 90 days. Pre-Sales, Sales and Delivery each follow their own learning paths.

SuiteLife enablement is based on a foundation of SuiteSuccess, a pre-configured cloud solution that is built on industry leading practices. Individuals will also learn how SuiteSuccess maps to other customer engagement models providing them with the knowledge to accelerate their productivity and deliver even more value to customers.

Learn more about SuiteSuccess

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Accelerated Launch

Expedite the roll-out and delivery of new products. As long as you remain a NetSuite partner, you will receive ongoing training allowing you to “unlock the Suite” and expand your business with additional NetSuite modules including WMS, SuitePeople, SuiteBilling, ARM and more.

In addition, you will be trained on new versions and new features within NetSuite as soon they are launched.

Key Benefits

  • Earn true recurring revenue with industry-leading margins while partnering with the only cloud ERP provider that delivers true end-to-end partnering—not just referral relationships.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by directing clients to a future-proof solution that can save them thousands in up-front costs and annual maintenance.
  • Leverage proven sales and marketing resources to reach new prospects, communicate the value proposition of the Cloud and close the deal.

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Success Programs

Learning Cloud Support (LCS)

As a part of SuiteLife, you will receive access to NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS). LCS is the hub for all the online training needed to enhance your skills and expand your business with new functionality and into new industries. All courses cover key concepts, provide guided walkthroughs, illustrate real-life scenarios and offers hands-on exercises, and include resources, reference materials and email access to instructors.

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SuiteAnswers and Premium Support

SuiteLife Partners are provided comprehensive support as part of the program. You will have access to SuiteAnswers, NetSuite’s knowledge center of support articles, best practices, help topics and training videos. With Premium support, partners receive 24/7 priority response and additional advice and assistance on NetSuite usage and configuration not offered in the basic support package.

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Advanced Partner Support (APS)

Our partners receive an allotment of hours each month to leverage Advanced Partner Support. Advanced Partner Support provides post-enablement, implementation functional/technical assistance to keep your team productive and your customers satisfied. Included in APS is 24x7 toll-free technical support, platform integration and delivery support, an assigned partner success manager, online, ecommerce and POS services, data conversion planning and additional education benefits.

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Need more reasons to become a NetSuite partner?


SuiteLife partners will receive credits good toward NetSuite certification through an independent third-party testing provider, ensuring your team is staffed with recognized NetSuite professionals. Your customers will know they are selecting a partner with the expertise to design, implement and support a solution that they will depend on to run their businesses for years to come.

Business Reviews

Partners with over 30 employees will participate in Executive Business Reviews with executives from NetSuite. During these sessions, your goals as a partner and progress towards those goals will be discussed. In addition, this is your chance to provide feedback to NetSuite to help us help you in achieving those goals.

SuiteLife Milestones and SuiteWorld Attendance

SuiteLife has its perks! When you’re a NetSuite partner, your customers will know you’re official. New partners will receive a welcome kit with NetSuite branded items to outfit their office. Future milestones will also be recognised with additional NetSuite branded products including attendance at SuiteLife training, first closed deal and partner program renewal. Partners will also receive complimentary SuiteWorld passes and invitation to our annual event at SuiteWorld where partners are recognised for achievements in a variety of categories.

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Tips and tricks for partner success

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Finding the right niche

A broadly-applicable platform and a good fit for many different types of business users, NetSuite makes finding a niche extremely important for partners that want to specialise. In fact, finding and exploiting a specialisation—be it vertical or horizontal in nature—is often the leading indicator of a partner’s success.

"Getting into a niche really makes a difference," said Joel Patterson, whose firm has carved out its place in the manufacturing, recycling and e-waste industries.

An early adopter of SuiteSuccess methodologies, The Vested Group took advantage of the NetSuite tools meant to simplify implementations and lower risk.

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Connecting the dots

Eager to help “connect the dots” between the large ERP provider and customers, organisations like Crowe, The Vested Group and Solution Source all signed on as NetSuite partners. During the early stages of those partnerships, all three spent time determining their paths to success, setting up internal teams to manage the workload and developing marketing strategies around their new ventures.

"We spent a full year working only on implementations, and relied heavily on the NetSuite channel team to advise us on how to implement, handle the technical ‘gotchas’ and learn how to qualify a customer. That guidance was really beneficial upfront. We sold NetSuite to one customer, and the rest is history."
Adnan Patel, Practice Leader, Crowe

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A successful go-to-market strategy

Creating a solid go-to-market strategy requires a good idea of your target market and a willingness to invest in your people and the partnership itself. For example, one partner, Crowe, has experts certified in areas like manufacturing and supply chain who are involved with those industries from a networking and social perspective.

Joel Patterson said The Vested Group never takes its foot off the sales and marketing gas pedal. It gets about 60% of its new deals through the relationships it has developed with influencers who refer potential clients to The Vested Group.

"Developing relationships is where you’ll get the bulk of your work. That can be difficult to forecast, but if you can continue to develop it and be topical and current, you’ll be served well there."
Joel Patterson, Founder, The Vested Group

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NetSuite Partner

Cloud Doing Good

Cloud Doing Good, a NetSuite solution provider in the UK, works mainly with clients in the charity and environmental sectors, using NetSuite ERP to help them make an even bigger impact. Cloud Doing Good completed over 30 implementations for various organisations last year and won a NetSuite Partner of the Year award for the most new clients in EMEA.

From Startup to Award-Winning Solution Provider
In the two and a half years since its launch, Cloud Doing Good has grown tenfold. Revenues have increased 100% in the past year. The company’s first rapid deployment involved a small, £1.2 million charity with 15 employees. Now, with NetSuite as its offering, Cloud Doing Good pitches for global organisations with £30 million to £90 million annual turnover — and wins

Social impact at scale
Cloud Doing Good plans to continue expanding its reach in the social impact space. It takes special pride in leading implementations across a wide range of charity missions, from membership organisations to social care, for instance. Cloud Doing Good also expects to continue growing the 20% of its practice that deals with commercial clients with an ESG focus, backed by NetSuite’s reputational strength

Plenty of support
Back when it was a relatively small startup, Cloud Doing Good lacked a dedicated marketing function. The team appreciated NetSuite’s huge support in the form of product development, sales, and marketing materials. While many IT resellers offer a range of technology platforms, Cloud Doing Good prefers to work only with NetSuite. It has found that the strength of NetSuite’s product and brand name help to win business.

Winning big
Cloud Doing Good’s prospective clients appreciate that NetSuite doesn’t require heavy customisation like some ERP systems. And NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess implementation methodology — with embedded leading practices developed from NetSuite’s experience in thousands of implementations — is a process that’s easy to sell

"NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess implementation programme makes things so easy that it seems like you’re starting 10 metres from the finish line. "
— Iain Goldman, partner at Cloud Doing Good

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NetSuite Partners Share Their Experience with NetSuite ERP

NetSuite spoke with five of our partners across EMEA. Watch to understand how the need for cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions has grown dramatically in recent years as well as how these partners are working with our industry experts to deliver a scalable and flexible solution for their clients.

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Ready to unlock the power of a NetSuite partnership?

By partnering with Oracle NetSuite, your firm will gain access to a single, flexible solution for managing clients of all sizes and across all industries. We'll support you every step of the way while you increase the potential to grow your business profitably for years to come.

You’ll be working with a company that will support you every step of the way while adding the potential to grow your business profitably for years to come.

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