How post-purchase series turn transactions into lasting relationships

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Many retailers think a purchase means the mission is accomplished and pursue the next conversion opportunity, tossing customers back into the day-to-day promotional marketing fold. But treating customers like commodities can make them feel unappreciated and under-valued, actually harming your brand.

An effective post-purchase series extends the personalization and service that lead to the purchase in the first place. This webinar dives into segmentation strategies that can help you better understand your customers, your marketing campaigns’ effectivenessand how these results can shape your win-back messaging strategy.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to segment your promotional sends for a better customer view.
  • Types of post-purchase messaging and why it’s important but often overlooked.
  • Message metrics that impact your win-back strategy.

Featured Speaker

Greg Zakowicz

Greg Zakowicz

Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst

Oracle NetSuite: The Bronto Marketing Platform